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For the vast majority of his working life to date, Alan Atchison (Alan) was Managing Director of a busy Chartered Accountants advisory practice located in West Perth, Western Australia. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and has a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Western Australia.

Alan’s 25-year+ working career focussed on providing consulting / financial management services to new and established businesses (privately held through to ASX listed) and high net worth individuals / family groups.

In 2017, Alan purchased a 4wd, off-road caravan and dinghy for fishing, with the intention of exploring remote areas of Australia (Alan has been an RV user in various forms for over 50 years).

In purchasing his caravan (RV), he was surprised at the on-boarding process, and the manner in which his RV manufacturer and dealership provided a handover of his RV, and the collation (or lack of) relevant material - manuals and how-to information for the various components of his RV. During conversations with other RV users, Alan realised he was not alone, and in fact his experience was at the very least, the norm, and (sadly), so much better than many others had experienced. And that whilst it was slowly improving, he found that most RV users’ after-sale service experience was very much an ad-hoc and unpredictable experience.

From late 2017, Alan has spent extended periods of time camping in remote areas of Australia – predominantly Arnhem Land and the Kimberley. During these trips, Alan saw first-hand some of the issues faced by our indigenous communities, particularly with their youth.

It was during one of these trips that the concept of My RV KnowHow was born, with the added intent of providing a helping hand (up not out) indigenous youth in Australia.

This concept continued to evolve over future trips and time, and has involved with extensive discussions with RV industry participants - be they RV owners or RV product/componentry manufacturers - leading ultimately to the decision made during 2020 to commercialise My RV KnowHow.

"I hadn't realised how much information I had been reading that had no relevance to my own RV setup. This wouldn't have happened with My RV KnowHow."

RV user from SA

A new era for RV users…

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