My RV KnowHow will be the “Go To” platform for all things RV-related, using at its core a hub of information relevant to that owner’s specific RV setup.

Initial versions will include:

  • RV-specific information and instruction manuals relevant to the owner's RV (not everyone’s else’s) - including variations or additions made from the standard, including:

    • Database of Manufacturer Instruction Manuals.

    • Purchase records.

    • How-to videos.

    • Feature/firmware updates.

    • Personal notes.

  • Warranty and maintenance monitoring and reminders of your RV and key componentry:

    • Time based and/or distance based (via GPS integration option).

    • Manufacturer-sourced reminders.

    • Personally added reminders.

  • Relevant Communications between the RV owner and their specific:

    • Key Component Manufacturers/Agents Portal:

      • Uploading of componentry documentation and supporting information.

      • Component-specific updates, tips, tricks and other information.

      • Two-way communications.

    • RV Manufacturer Portal:

      • Uploading of RV documentation and supporting information.

      • Creation of templates of base model configurations from RV and component database (1).

      • RV-specific updates, tips, tricks and other information.

      • Two-way communications.

      enhancing their after-sale experiences, and ultimate consumer satisfaction.

  • Predictive AI technologies working behind the scenes to present the most relevant user experience.

  • Secure access to your information on your choice of IT platform - laptops, phones, tablets.

  • More information relevant to RVs, camping and holidaying generally, based on personal specific interests.

  • Environmentally friendly - Less (as in no!) printed material.

  • Regular platform updates (many of these are already ear-marked and subject to review and refinement – but sensitive to the market for now).

(1) These templates would be tailored to an RV user’s specific setup during the pre-sale handover (by Dealership, and/or RV user.

With a report issued by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) in July 2022 (Link: “Caravan industry on notice for poor treatment of consumers”), there are plenty of areas overdue for improvement within the RV industry. My RV KnowHow will play a front-end role in this transition towards enhanced quality control, communication and overall consumer experience.

A new era…exciting times ahead!!

"I have just missed the warranty expiry on a faulty component, and am now liable for an expensive repair or replacement. This wouldn't have happened with My RV KnowHow."

RV user from WA

A new era for RV users…

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