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Caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers and hybrids, including fitted out roof-top and rear cabs on 4wds and the like are all captured under the Recreational Vehicle (RV) label.

Despite buying RV’s from a dealership like a car, and often spending as much, if not more than the price of the towing vehicle, the experience in accessing ownership manual content as a new RV owner has been radically different to that of purchasing a car.

When you buy a new car, pretty much everything is included in the one bound owner’s manual - as you would expect for a stock item.

With RVs, whilst some components are specific to the caravan brand, many (most) are supplied by third parties. For example, fridges, cooktops, toilets, microwaves and the like - can all have different manufacturers and can be found in many different brands of RVs. And this varies depending on personal preferences as part of the pre-delivery planning process.

The norm until now has been and ad-hoc approach in the form of a thick folder filled with random hard-copy paperwork:

× No standard order.

× Quickly out of date.

× Not environmentally friendly.

× Haphazard delivery of information to end-users.

× Registration as owners for warranties left incomplete.

× Warranties expiring without noticing, and often letting component faults remain for costly repairs.

× Required maintenance not being undertaken as forgotten or lost in the bundle of information.

× Not receiving vital product recall information due to no reliable communication links with manufacturers.

× Guidance being sought from social media sites, where members may have the same brand of caravan (or not) yet have a different brand/model of component to the one you have. As such, their suggestions and guidance may be well intended but potentially hazardous.

The above experience may at best be inconvenient, and at worst, lead to significant damage, costs, or even human injury/death.

"I had an issue with my RV air conditioner. I went to one of my RV social media pages, and received plenty of well-intended instructions. The only problem was, whilst they had the same RV, the air conditioners were all different brands. This wouldn’t have happened with MY RV KnowHow."

RV user from WA

A new era for RV users…

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